Lisa Isaacs (Non-Executive Director)

(LLB, LLM in Law)

Lisa has an LLB from the University of the Western Cape and an LLM in Law, State and Multilevel Government from the Dullah Omar Institute in association with the University of the Western Cape.

Lisa started her career as a Candidate Attorney at Minde Schapiro & Smith Inc. in 2018 where she gained experience in a broad spectrum of fields within the legal fraternity. She practiced mainly in general Magistrate’s Court Civil Litigation, assisted in High Court litigation matters revolving around Divorces, Local Government Law and Foreclosures and had a primary focus on civil debt collection in the Magistrate’s Court.  Lisa left Minde Schapiro & Smith Inc during 2020 to join Rosalie Smit Inc.  She is currently refining her skill set and continues with civil debt collection and general Magistrate’s and High Court litigation practice while assisting in Family Law matters.