Town Planning and Land Use Services

Our experts in Town Planning Law stand ready to assist and we offer a wide range of land use services which include:


  • Consideration of title deed of property and identification of any building or other restrictions.
  • Identification of property development potential (ie whether second dwelling possible).
  • Identification of zoning of property and potential for rezoning.
  • Advising on application processes for planning approvals and interpretation of approvals and any conditions imposed.
  • Ascertaining the development potential of a property from a spatial as well as a legal perspective, which includes identifying any inconsistencies with the Spatial Development Framework of a Municipality as well as its Urban Edge. The availability and allocation of bulk services is also an important aspect to consider when ascertaining the prospects of a successful development.
  • We are in a position to advise developers on how best to approach the development application process in order to prevent or minimize any delays.
  • Detailed attention to any objections and review comments received from the authorities with jurisdiction in respect of development applications. We have years of experience in identifying the key issues raised and providing legally accurate responses thereto.
  • Interpretation and understanding approvals received and their conditions.
  • Strategic planning of internal appeals against approvals or conditions. We are experienced in the strategic planning of internal appeals against approvals or conditions imposed in respect of the approvals and are able to advise developers on the best way to limit any possible delays in this regard.